New vs Used Golf Carts

They are affordable and practical, and they are catching on. You guessed it. We are talking about the best golf carts. A low-speed, electric car is in demand in congested cities, airports, and other campuses worldwide.

Golf carts have uses beyond the golf course. Choosing which golf cart is right for you depends on your needs and preferences. Here are some things to think about as you search for your perfect golf cart.

Are You Buying a Golf Cart New or Used?

Buying a golf car is a lot like buying a car. There are money-saving advantages to buying used. Likewise, there are perks to purchasing a new golf cart.

Either way, your first steps are the same. Decide what you want. Take time to research and gather questions. Think about what will best fit your needs, a new golf cart or a refurbished one.

Used and Refurbished Golf Carts

Up front, you know that a used cart has a lower price tag. Buying a used golf cart with excellent maintenance history is possible. Many sellers refurbish the golf carts before selling.

And, they often come with extra accessories that would be an additional cost with a new golf cart purchase.

The downside to purchasing a previously owned golf cart is that you may not know the history of the cart. If the previous owner didn’t keep up the maintenance, you could be in for trouble down the line.

Just as you would with a used car, you’d want to have the golf cart also inspected, if you’re looking at an electric car, the age of the battery matters. Golf carts that are properly maintained can last decades.

Though, if you are an avid golfer, you will have to consider the limited life of a used golf cart.

The Joy of Buying a New Golf Cart

Of course, new carts will carry a higher price tag than used. Sometimes it’s best to buy a brand new vehicle and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

You will be the first owner of a new golf cart, with no history or accidents to worry about.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Any new vehicle comes with a warranty, either from the manufacturer or dealership. Warranties provide you protection should anything go wrong with your new golf cart. A warranty is probably one of the stronger advantages of buying new.

Custom Options

When you’re buying a new golf car, you can choose your preferred option, accessories, and other features according to your taste.

Experienced technicians and mechanics at the dealership will install these customisations before you take it home.

Price Compare Before You Buy

You expect to pay more for a new golf cart. But, that doesn’t mean you should pay more than you have to. Once you know which golf cart you want and what accessories you want with it, check around for the best deal.

Check out the dealer ahead of time. Read online reviews to see how reputable there are. Once you are there, ask dealers questions. Any reputable dealer will welcome questions and have the right answers to them.

Electric Golf Carts or Gas Golf Carts?

Both electric and gas carts are stable choices. It comes down to preference.

Convenience and Maintenance in Electric

Electric golf carts are convenient to use and operate. You spend far less time on maintenance. They are also very quiet on the course. Though, they do run at slower speeds.

Finally, they are environmentally friendly because they operate without carbon emissions.

Charging Electric Golf Carts

On the other hand, if you run out of battery life, it takes longer to charge than it does to fill the tank on a gas powered cart. It may take some time to figure out when your electric cart will run low on power.

Once it does, it will take a bit to recharge. Any electric golf cart owners invest in an onboard battery charger. That way, you’ll never need a tow back to your charger.

Speed and Power with Gas Golf Carts

Gas-powered golf carts run at higher speeds. They also have formidable pulling power. The faster speed makes them able to drive on regular roads.

Gas carts are easy to refill and require no added time to charge up as do their electric counterpart. Though, they are noisier to operate and require more maintenance to keep them running well.

The downside to gas carts is that fuel creates pollution. You have to remember that it is a vehicle. As you would a car, you must avoid operating in small garages and other small spaces. The carbon monoxide builds up and becomes toxic.

Maintenance Costs for Gas and Electric Golf Carts

Many people think that an electric golf cart is more expensive in the long run than a gas-run golf cart. The reasoning for is that replacing the batteries is costly. However, this is not true.

The operating cost of both types of carts is about the same. A gas cart will cost you money spent on oil changes, fuel and filters, and belts.

Though, an electric golf cart needs a new battery every 5 to 7 years. If you compare that cost-wise, both types cost you about the same.

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