Is Using a Second Hand Golf Cart Worth It?

Buying a used golf cart is one of the most exciting and fulfilling things you can do! Golf carts in general are one of the best ways for you and your friends to not only play golf with, but also to cruise / travel around you neighbourhood and community.

You are probably sitting there right now wracking your brain, comparing prices, taking a look at pros and cons of new golf carts vs. used golf carts and wondering which you should choose. While buying a used golf cart for sale can be super fun, it can also be a very confusing and time-consuming process due to the broad range of styles and features that you can pick from.

But no worries! We have got you covered. Here, we are going to discuss our top 5 things to look for when buying a used golf cart. This list will be sure to make the used golf cart buying process much easier.

To start: While there is nothing wrong with buying brand new golf carts, if you already have your mind and most importantly, your budget set on a used golf cart, try not to buy into all the hype of a brand-new golf cart. Buying a new golf cart is not always necessary and can be much easier on your check book. There are so many awesome used golf carts, pre-owned golf carts and refurbished golf carts, you just have to know what to look for!

Believe it or not, most older golf carts are like a delicious fine wine: They just get better with age! Some however, can be sour grapes! It is very important to take the age of the golf cart that you are looking to buy into consideration. Paying attention to the:



Serial Number

These two things, especially the model and serial number, will help to tell you how old / young the golf cart is. The make / model / serial number will also be super helpful to you as they will tell you how easy or how hard finding parts will be AND will help to make sure you get all the bells and whistles that you are seeking.

We also recommend asking the dealer / seller of the golf cart that you are potentially seeking to purchase, to show you how many hours or cycles are on the cart. This is essentially the same thing as mile on a used full-size car. Many golf carts that are 2005 or newer track the cycles and hours (better known as “golf cart rounds”) on the controller (which is found internally on the golf cart).

As you are shopping and browsing around, you will surely be seeing the words “used” and “refurbished” a whole lot. But what is the difference, if any? There are underlying differences between a used golf cart and a refurbished golf cart and know those differences can help a ton when it comes to making the final decision:

A refurbished golf cart is a cart that was used solely on the golf course for several years and now is being sold to the public as “reconditioned / refurbished”

A used golf cart is any other pre-owned golf cart whether it be previously owned by a dealer, private seller, Joe down the street, etc.

Refurbished golf carts are attractive to a lot of folks as they are generally very well maintained by golf courses. Most golf courses will also have record of all the repairs and maintenance work done on the golf cart over the years (almost like a “CarFax” type deal) so, you will have that reference right out of the gate. If you do end up going the refurbished route, make sure that you verify that the golf cart was reconditioned by a certified dealer that holds a good reputation.

Used golf carts are also equally attractive to most people. Reason being, most of the time, because of the lower price tag. Most used golf carts will sell for much less and be way easier on the pocketbook than a refurbished golf cart and carry the same maintenance record, good up-keep and new parts / pieces. Lots of dealers and individual sellers take great care of their golf carts and you can get a super deal if you check out used golf carts in your area.

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